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ProudlySA Member Logo smallThe phrase "Proudly South African" and the logo are both registered trademarks that enjoy legal protection in accordance with the Merchandise Marks Act, the Trade Marks Act, Counterfeit Goods Act and Common Law. Only companies which have complied with Proudly South African strict criteria, and have been endorsed as members of Proudly South African, may use this phrase or logo.

The Proudly South African logo indicates that the company and/or the product and/or service that carries the logo has been carefully evaluated and approved by Proudly South African, and is of a good quality; that the company treats its employees fairly; that the company cares for the environment; and that the total product is made locally or some of the products are made locally by using imported materials.

Should your organisation wish to become a member of the Proudly South African family and share in the benefits that this relationship offers, including the authorised usage of the official logo and phrase, kindly click on this link and complete the application form.