Corporate Governance Framework® Workshop

Understanding risks attached to companies, directors, prescribed officers & managers . . .

Join Terrance M. Booysen in a 2-day practical Corporate Governance, Risk & Compliance (‘GRC’) Intervention, where he provides insights to company’s directors, prescribed officers and managers covering the GRC risks, rewards and challenges linked to the daily tasks of fulfilling your duties in a company or stateowned organisation.

In South Africa -- regrettably -- many directors and prescribed officers are not properly informed, neither aware of the vast liabilities they are exposed to within their daily job functions. Moreover, many senior managers may be unwittingly exposed as prescribed officers in terms of the Companies Act 2008, and similar to their directors, share the same personal liabilities when various governance matters become scruntised. Understandably this could have massive implications upon the organisation as a whole, and the associated risks must be managed appropriately so that the performance and profitability of the organisation remains intact, and sus

The training and skills transfer found within CGF’s renowned Governance Beyond Boards® Intervention is highly recommended in the ordinary course of a director’s and a senior manager’s daily tasks, as well as their personal development. CGF’s Governance Beyond Boards® Intervention will assist delegates understand the many nuances attached to their functions, and unpack practical issues to equip them to becoming more confident and informed of their fiduciary duties. Directors and senior managers have to be ahead of their game, and in order to stay ahead, their wider practical understanding of governance, risk and compliance related matters is a non-negotiable.

Our training programmes have been awarded Continued Professional Development (‘CPD’) points through the South African Board for People Practice (‘SABPP’), including the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (‘IRMSA’). This Read More

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