Proudly South African is an internationally recognized organisation and is South Africa’s national “Buy Local” campaign. In South Africa, Proudly SA is the proprietor of the following Trademarks.

    The phrase, ‘Proudly South African’

    As the proprietor of the above trademark registrations, Proudly South African is protected in terms of theTrade Marks Act 194 of 1993, against any third party from using the mark in the course of trade, without Proudly South African’s authority, that is identical or confusingly similar to the Proudly South African Logo.

    These trademarks are also legally protected in accordance with the Merchandise Marks Act, Counterfeit Goods Act and Common Law. Only registered members of the Proudly South African Campaign and those given special permission are authorised to use the trademarks.

      1.1 Membership And Partnership Logo Request

      Brand management and branding assistance was provided to all Events Coordinators for the above reported events. Logos are usually sent to the event organizers with the Proudly South African Corporate Identity.

      1.2 Correct use of Trademarks

      Proudly South African members, up on approval of membership, are given access to the Members’ Portal. Here they are able to download the Proudly South African corporate identity and Logos for use on packaging, marketing and branding materials.

      Members are also given the option to forward their designs to Proudly South African to ensure that the logo is applied correctly.

      1.3 Trademark Permissions

      To ensure that the buy local message reaches the youth, Proudly South Africa often grants publishers permisssion to use the trademarks in various educational materials.

      1.4 Unauthorised use of Trademarks

      The use of the trademarks is monitored both internally and through Proudly South African’s intellectual property lawyers, Adams and Adams.

Proudly South African Logo's


Proudly South African Membership Logo


Proudly South African Corporate Logo

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