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Annual SA Premier Business Awards

The South African Premier Business Awards is annual event hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) in partnership with Proudly South African and Brand South Africa. The awards recognise business excellence and honours enterprises that promote the spirit of success and innovation as well as job creation, good business ethics and quality. These awards bring together all single sectored awards, among others technology, manufacturing and women in business.

The fourth annual South African Business Awards will take place on Tuesday 11 October 2016

1.1 The Department of Trade & Industry (the dti), Proudly South African and Brand South Africa will be hosting the fourth edition of the South African Business Awards. The annual South African Premier Business Awards are aimed at celebrating the achievements of South African companies, products, services as well as the people behind them;

1.2 The Awards also encourage entrepreneurs to compete in categories that are aligned to the strategic focus of the dti’s Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) which supports and complements the National Development Plan and New Growth Path that serves as an overarching instrument for the development and implementation of the dti’s strategies, policies, and related pieces of legislation and regulations. Manufacturing is critical for industrialization and beneficiation, increased exports and thereby placing the South African economy on a new labour-absorbing growth path;

1.3 The Awards were developed to recognize and honour South African enterprises that invest in human and technical resources in various projects and/or activities; produce quality products and services, remain domestically and internationally competitive, and create employment opportunities for South Africans;

1.4 The services of a sponsorship management company (a professional company or persons) are required to raise financial and non-financial sponsorship for the next edition of the annual South African Premier Business Awards, scheduled to take place in March 2016 at the Sandton Convention Centre;

2.1 The SA Premier Business Awards, which incorporate all single sectored awards, will be held annually. The purpose and objective of the Awards includes the following, among others:

  • Recognize and honour local enterprises that promote the spirit of success, innovation, job creation, quality and good business ethics in South Africa’s business community.
  • Showcase the best that South Africa has to offer i.e. businesses, products and services;
  • Create a platform for companies of all sizes and industries to compare themselves to each other and learn best practice;
  • Encourage and promote entrepreneurship;
  • Promote public-private partnerships;
  • Encourage and promote competitiveness
  • Promote direct investment and growth in the industrial and services economy, with particular focus on job creation;
  • Promote broader participation in the economy and Encourage a rise in the level of exports and promote equitable global trade.
2.1 Lifetime Achievement Award

    This is a discretionary award, to recognise an individual/s who contributed significantly to the development of South Africa during his/her lifetime.

    It recognises a businessperson in South Africa who has an unbroken track record of no less than 15 years’ active involvement in business.

2.2 Manufacturer Award:

    The award recognises and promotes best practice and the important role of the manufacturing sector in South Africa’s economy with regard to sustainable job creation.

2.3 Exporter Award:

    This award recognises all export industry sectors from services to manufacturing and aims to encourage other South African enterprises to participate in international business/markets and to ensure that their products and/or services can compete globally.

2.4 SMME Award:

    This award acknowledges small, medium and micro business enterprises as a key part of economic growth in SA.

2.5 Young Entrepreneur Award:

    This award recognises 100% youth-owned legal enterprises trading in South Africa and recognises young individuals who demonstrate high levels of entrepreneurship and innovation.

2.6 Women-Owned Enterprise Award:

    The award recognises women who have made a marked difference / impacted businesses and communities significantly.

2.7 Investor Award:

    The award encourages the expansion of Foreign Direct Investment in South Africa.

2.8 Proudly South African Enterprise Award:

    This award is specifically aimed at enterprises, which are registered members of Proudly South African. The award recognises enterprises which manufacture/supply high-quality local products and/or services, enterprises which are known for being proud members of the campaign and which adhere to the four pillars of the Proudly SA campaign.

2.9 Play Your Part Award:

    This award celebrates enterprises that excel in displaying active citizenship and nation building in South Africa.

    The objective of this Award is to lift the spirit of our nation by inspiring all South Africans to contribute towards positive change.

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