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Thank you for your interest in joining South Africa’s Buy Local Campaign, Proudly South African!

To become a Proudly SA member company, the following compliance criteria applies:

Local content: In the case of products, at least 50% of the final cost of production must have been incurred in South Africa, or if raw materials have been imported, substantial transformation must have taken place in our country; for service companies, we consider your local procurement habits;

Proof of quality by way of certification from an accredited verification body or industry association;

Adherence to the country’s labour and environmental legislation.

  1. Membership application form.
  2. Company profile.
  3. Company registration documentation.
  4. Number of employees working within the borders of South Africa vs the number of employees outside of the country.
  5. Audited financial statements.
  6. Your local procurement policy or a list of local suppliers or South African businesses that form part of your value chain.
  7. A list of your locally-manufactured products that will carry our logo (if applicable).
  8. Proof of quality: Here we’d like to request your ISO certification or similar; certification that talks to the industry bodies / associations to which you are affiliated ( please contact a Proudly SA membership consultant for more information. )
  9. Your HR policy or a template of your employment contract (no specific information is required)
  10. Your environmental policy or examples of your efforts to decrease your carbon footprint.

In return we offer:

Use of the Proudly South African logo, which is a recognised endorsement of local content and quality.

Access to Market Platforms:

First-hand access to tender opportunities issued by public entities for products that have been designated for local content by the Department of Trade and Industry;

The opportunity to list qualifying products and/or services on the Proudly South African database, established to assist government and business to promote the procurement of local goods and services. The database is housed on the Proudly South African website that is accessible via an interactive search facility which allows consumers, businesses and public entities to search for products and services of Proudly South African member companies;

Participation in various exhibitions, conferences and events including:

The prestigious annual Proudly South African Buy Local Summit and Expo, which will give participating members an opportunity to exhibit their products and/or services and network with decision makers and procurement officers from business and government;

Dedicated business and sector-specific forums which take place around the country. Members enjoy frequent networking and information-sharing opportunities with other fellow members, businesses and strategic stakeholders. At these events, the challenges and solutions for individual companies and/or collectively, industries under distress are presented;

Joint promotions with Proudly South African at consumer-targeted campaigns;

Members benefit from the Campaign’s overall marketing strategy and activities that encourage the purchasing and procurement of members’ products and services;

Access to the Campaign’s communication platforms such as the electronic newsletter, product booklet, social media platforms as well as print and broadcast media;

Participation in the South African Premier Business Awards event which recognise and honours local businesses and promote partnerships and competitiveness; and

Special packages and pricing between Proudly South African member companies to encourage business to business transactions within the Proudly South African member community.

The membership fee is payable upfront and is renewable annually. Please see the revised fee structure:

NGOs / Start-ups / Crafters
  • Newly-established enterprises or enterprises with a turnover of less than R5M
  • NGOs
Bronze Enterprises with a turnover between R5M and R10M R1 000.00
Silver Companies with a turnover between R10M and R30M R10 000.00
Gold Companies with a turnover between R30M and R50M R20 000.00
Platinum Companies with a turnover between R50M and R100M R50 000.00
Diamond Companies with a turnover of R100M and above R100 000.00