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First conceived at the Presidential Job Summit in 1998, the Proudly South African Campaign was born out of socio-economic necessity to create jobs, under the leadership of the former South African President, Nelson Mandela. Through the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC), the Proudly South African Campaign was launched in 2001 and supported by Government, Organised Business (BUSA), Organised Labour and Organised Community.

The Proudly South African "buy local" campaign encourages the nation to buy local products and make use of local services, in an effort to stimulate the local economy and help create jobs. Proudly SA also promotes national pride, patriotism and social cohesion.

When consumers buy locally produced products and support local service providers, the local economy is stimulated and sustainable job opportunities are created. By supporting local producers and manufacturers (by buying goods which carry the Proudly South African logo or a 'Made in South Africa' label) each and every South African can contribute towards creating a bigger demand for home grown products and services; stimulating South Africa's economic growth; helping to prevent job losses and helping to create job opportunities.


our Mandates

The mandate of the Proudly SA Campaign is to create and sustain quality jobs by stimulating Local Production and the consumption of locally produced products and services through the implementation of the various commitments contained in IPAP 2, The New Growth Path and the Local Procurement Accord.




The Proudly South African campaign will encourage the nation to make personal and organisational contributions to economic growth and prosperity in South Africa, thereby increasing employment opportunities and reinforcing national pride


To be an economic prosperity and competitiveness driver and business partner for all South African producers and service providers who are serious about quality and are committed to creating and sustaining employment and meaningful gain for local industries, by joining